Monday, 3 May 2010

CRAZY PIG DESIGNS hand carvings

Nowadays a lot of people are using computer programs
to draw jewellery pieces and computerised  machines
 to carve three dimentional designs in wax to various
degrees ofsuccess,
Some jeweller's  catalogues not not show the actual
real piece itself but a computer generated image
of the jewellery you might be buying
A little bit like computer generated images in movies.
At CRAZY PIG DESIGNS we have the skill to
actually hand carve every single master and
what you see on our website is the actual piece
Here;s a couple of NETSUKE style pieces
hand carved by ARMAND SERRA, using
TAGUA NUTS, (sometimes called, vegetable ivory)
The HOODED SKULL id carved in the nut
leaving most of the actual nut intact.
The ICE MONKEY has been carved
in the centre of the nut. and will
be shown in the next blog