Friday, 27 August 2010

EYE RINGS...Are you looking at me?

Of course we are known for our great selections of SKUL RINGS
( about 60 at  the last count) but that leaves another 940 other designs,
So in fact our Skull rings is actually the smallest
part of our jewellery range
Here s a sample of some really quite unique rings
and totally different.
a truly unique and amazing piece of jewellery
Eacch eye is actually hand painted one at a time
These eyes are exactly the same as a human prostetic eye,
not a cheap plastic eye from a doll.

One of our customer is a LAS VEGAS CASINO man,
and he told us that he always wears his eye ring in casinos,
apparently other players get distracted and it helps him win!
Another customer by the name of BECKHAM
( possibly a known soccer player) also wears one on occasion
Here's some pictures for you from our archives
(courtesy of ELLE magazine)
With more designs and colours to choose from
eack piece is trully unique
Like ROBERT DE NIRO would say


  1. Hi, thanks for the great work you are doing!

    I wonder why is your official website in japanese? And do you ship items from online store only to japan (based on "how to buy" pdf)?

    Do you have only japanese customers or what?

  2. What, should I ask in Japanese to get a reply?

    Very nice.