Saturday, 27 November 2010

CRAZY PIG DESIGNS, Lord of the rings, King of the SKULL RING

Over the years we have made many great pieces of jewellery
for some of the biggest names in Rock music.
This is the case for the SKULL RING  shown of these pictures
We made 365 of these SKULL RINGS at a rate of
one a day for one year only.
The prototype and number one have stayed at CRAZY PIG DESIGNS
the first 25 rings were allocated to probably the most famous band in the world
(band members, and close  crew members)
Billy GIBBONS  of  ZZ TOPpicked  up two of them with very low serial numbers
All the numbers up to 100 were allocated to ENGLAND and
all remainding 265 SOLD OUT very quickly , a very large percentage went to Japan.
One only was made in Platinum
and NO OTHER has ever been made despite the constant
enquiries and requests.
When we do a LIMITED EDITION it is REALLY  means LIMITED!!!!!

28 days to CHRISTMAS!!!
Please check our current 2 items in the LIMITED EDITION section from  our on line store.

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