Thursday, 13 January 2011

MICKEY ROURKE in the movie SPUN wearing our EYE RINGS and PENDANTS

Over the years we had the pleasure to make jewellery
for some of the most notorious bad boys of Rock
But here's a few shots from the movie SPUN
featuring the best of the bad boys in the film industry.
We sent two eyes rings and one eye pendant
to him in the US , and we were please to see that he
 decided to wear all of them for the movie "SPUN"
He also has been wearing on occasion our
classic Evil skull ring

Here's the details of the items worn by Mickey on these pictures
4 CLAWS EYE RING is code number 4 on our online store
SMALL EYE RING is number 538
BALL EYE pendant is number 539
EVIL SKULL RING is number 27 ( not shown on these pictures)

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