Sunday, 23 January 2011

SKULL logo a.k.a.GOMEZ history

CRAZY PIG DESIGNS logo is known has GOMEZ
Here's a little backgroung of how it came about
While I was working in the mid eighties as a jeweller
in Carnaby street I also indulge in my first passion
of playing lead guitar.The band was called PANAMA
( I wanted to call it CRAZY PIG but no one in the band
liked the name).I designed a logo fpr PANAMA
it was at first a grinning skull with bones but with hands and feet
to give it an amusing twist.The new singer in the band wore a top hat
on stage so we added a top hat to our logo
Finally we added a JACKSON guitar , because I got and
endorsement with Jackson /Charvel guitars.
The band was really a great hard rock band but as always
the manager took most of the money and weended up broke.
As I had been making jewellery for about 10 years
I decided to concentrate on jewellery designing and this is why
the store is named CRAZY PIG DESIGNS
and GOMEZ is the shop mascot
Before you can call yourself  ROCK & ROLL jeweller
you really need to know a thing or two about Rock & roll.


  1. Hello, Armand.
    This is an interesting story, and you are really ROCK & ROLL jeweller. Killer!

  2. Armand!

    Wow - just stumbled across this while looking for something completely different. I came to see Panama play a few times having met Andy Cremona while he was working at Andy's Guitar workshop on Denmark Street. I also remember you playing Vai's "The Attitude Song" during a Panama soundcheck at some venue in Shepherd's Bush. Crazy days!

    Hope you're still playing - I know I am!

    All the best,

    Jim Sanders