Friday, 11 March 2011


Well. I ve been drawing since my early school days.
usually during classes.All of these doodles were done on scraps
of paper , at the time I was really into COMIX,
I drew a lot of skulls, monsters, animals, cartoons, superheroes,
famous musicians.At the time it was just messing around,
I have kept many of these schoolday sketches, ill be posting some
later on for the fun of it.
Anyway, once in London I managerd  THE CHICAGO PIZZA PIE
FACTORY and later on GRUNTS restaurants  in Covent garden,
It was there that I started sketching what would become
the world famous EVIL SKULL RING.
My original idea was a skull with horns and vampire fangs
but this was not practical as a ring,
The bottom jaw was not suited to my design idea either
( shown here are skulls with and without bottom jaw)
You might notice that these early sketches are dated 1981 & 1983
last page shows the final idea .My very first EVIL SKULL RING
was on my finger on the 24th of NOV 1983.
Often copied never equalled.

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