Thursday, 28 April 2011


Here's an amazing ROSARY that we have recently made as a
special order for a discerning client.

This CUSTOM  piece is made of 18 carat white solid gold.
Fifty five solid skulls , six roses and leaves, one winged sacred heart
and a Mexican classic cross all made in solid 18 carat white gold
are assembled to create  this amazing SKULL ROSARY.
Each item is hand soldered with 18 carat white gold to the next one
to become a continuous chain with no gaps at all.
There are no hollow parts ,In fact it is the second heaviest
18 carat gold iyem we have made since Ozzy Osbourne's bat bracelet
also comissioned as a SPECIAL ORDER.

Please note that this SKULL ROSARY is also availble instore or online
in Sterling Silver

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