Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Well quite a week.
Starting with the ROYAL WEDDING What a great day it was !
William had to struggle to fit the ring  on Kates's finger,
but if it is a little too tight
Don't worry Will we can sort it out.
By the way! Where's your ring WILL?
Not sure of what to get?
Again, we can help you there, depending on your budget of course.
Saturday , I went for a ride with friends with my
 1932 FORD DEUCE ( a la JEFF BECK)
We stopped at the top of AMERSHAM HILL for a while,
when one of my most favourites musician and customer drove past,
Yes ! OZZY himself at the wheel of his open top car
driving VERY carefully!
A short while latewr he drove past again and wave at us...
Of course everyone knows the other GREAT NEWS
so I won't bother.
Back at the store we just finished another SPECIAL ORDER
A classic SKULL & CROSS BONES ring in solid 18 carat gold
with two white diamonds set in the eyes.
A good start of the month