Saturday, 9 July 2011


One afternoon the phone rang at the store ( CRAZY PIG DESIGNS)
and a lady said " MARRY POTTER"....(or so  I thought)
She started to say she needed a CUSTOM MADE  ring  for a movie,
She was actually on the set of the film
and after a little while she had to get off the phone
because she was urgently required.
An hour later , the same thing happened
MARRY POTTER was on the phone...
So she said no it is not Mary Potter  but  HARRY POTTER!!!!!!
She wanted to meet me so I could make a very important item for the movie.
Later on we met at the store.
I was given details of what was required by the producer
He wanted a black stone set into our four claws setting ring
A coat of arms and shield was to be engraved on the black stone.

I explained that it was not a problem making such a ring  but
in my opinion it was not a good idea.
First of all the ring was quite small , as it was a lady ring
( Helena Bonham Carter) and worse of all the shield design engraved
onto the black stone was  too detailed and would be totally
invisible even with an extreme close up.

I was given 6 weeks to do the ring as designed by the producer.
Everytime I spoke to the wardrobe department, I said I was making the ring as required
but keep stressing the point that it was basically a BAD IDEA.
Two weeks before the deadline, the HARRY POTTER wardrobe deptartment
called me and said.
Yes you are right!
It s  a bad idea, the ring will not have the impact we want,
Can you design a ring using some of the details from the coat of arms?
We trust your judgement but we the deadline is now two weeks!
Of course, I went to work right away and drew a quick sketch , a started
the BELLATRIX ring,Two weeks later it was ready and the Harry Potter
team were delighted with my design and ring so much so that it was featured on the poster
 Sorry , but at present the BELLATRIX SKULL RING is NOT FOR SALE.
( availble in  store or online)
Many others pieces have been custom made by CRAZY PIG DESIGNS
 for various characters in most of the HARRY POTTER  movies.
We will post other blogs in time.....

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