Thursday, 21 July 2011


When I design any ring I tend to have a basic idea as a starting point.
In the case the PLAGUE RING ,the idea came from a television
program about Paris catacombs.
I wanted to design a ring that would be as close as possible to a real skull.
Virtually all the skulls shown in the program had very few teeth left.
and gave a very dramatic and ghostly expression to the skull.
The difficulty was to get the skull  ring to look "cool" even without any teeth.
I used a real skull as a model and copied every detail including the
empty cavities where the teeth had fallen out, leaving just a few at the
back of the jaw.
As mentionned in our webside, I have every single original model carving
for every piece I ever made,
The point is that every single ring is moulded from the first master
and retains all the detail that I mentionned above.
So word of advise....
There are copies off my PLAGUE RING , even the name has been copied
but it is just laughable, because all the detail that is on the original is simply gone!
The copies just look DUMB and TOOHTLESS.
so easy to spot.

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