Sunday, 28 August 2011


Here's CRAZY PIG DESIGNS new selection of totally
"IN HOUSE" hand made wallets.

For the LARGE wallets there are three options

1/The CLASSIC  plain black or brown as usual
   with classic CRAZY PIG embossed ZIG ZAG logo

   with no Embossing  on the outside but with an amazing aray of options
   thickness, softness, textures and colours.
   Evil skull
   Mexican " Day of the dead"
   Fleur de lys

The NEW SMALL CRAZY PIG WALLET is also  due within days
The first two prototypes will be shown in the next blog
and full range should be in store within a couple of weeks.

The pictures here show the CURRENT selection available
Each one is different, If there's a specific one you like,
Don't let it get away, the next one will not be the same.
Most of the CUSTOM LEATHERS are available in very small
quantity and cannot be repeated.

Personally ,  for over 10 years I ve been wearing the
CLASSIC plain black wallet and although it is still in great shape
despite daily rough treatments , once I saw the fisrt CUSTOM
LEATHERS ones I had to retire the old one...The only problem
was choosing which one.

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