Monday, 27 February 2012


Here's an interesting BLOG that we posted a couple of years ago
that some of you might have missed. So here it is again

In 2003 we were approach by the BRITISH MUSEUM in relation to a

new exhibition titled BURIED TREASURES.
The museum wanted to purchase a SILVER SKULL RING from us
to keep in their archives , and to be featured in the section showing
various skull rings through the centuries.
CRAZY PIG representing modern times..
The display showed eight different skull rings or mortuary rings
Item number EIGHT being a CRAZY PIG skull ring.
I offered to lend the BRITISH MUSEUM one of the best and most fancy
SKULL RING we ever made (platinum ,yellow diamonds and rubies)
but they declined the offer, the reason being that the ring could not be
on loan , it had to property of the museum.
The curator chose a fairly plain skull & cross bones ring
It is a trully great honour for me and CRAZY PIG DESIGNS to have
one of our rings in the archives of THE BRITISH MUSEUM
For obvious reasons the MUSEUM could not advertise the store
name, but interested visitors could enquire and get our details
upon request.

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