Friday, 9 March 2012


It seems that my TRAPEAZE SOLUTION has caused some stir
in the Vintage guitar business and among collectors
Many orders and enquiries have come in from all over the world.
Some have even rushed in to buy real 1952/1953 LES PAUL gold tops
has they realised the potential of the TRAPEAZE SOLUTION fitted
on this potentially amazing guitar.
To help with some of the enquiries we've  had here's a few more details that my have
escape some people.

My TRAPEAZE SOLUTION is cast in 316 STEEL , this is the same steel
tlhat is used for manufacturing aircraft parts and also surgical operation
involving  metal parts into  the body.
This 316 steel is simply the best material for transfering the ring , tone and sustain  of the
strings to the body of the guitar.
I  simply could compromise on  the tone of a $15000 guitar by using an inappropriate material
such as brass or even worse aluminium ( totally kills the sound STONE  DEAD!)
Another  very important point is that the bridge is fully adjustable in height at both end so you
can set the action to your own preference.
The bridge  itself does not rest against the top of the guitar ,this would obviously
damage the paint directly underneath the bridge.
To avoid this two mini feet do the same job as the original 1952 posts and can tilt to line up with
the curve of the guitart top.
Crucialy the strings leave the TRAPEAZE SOLUTION from a 90 degree step
instead of a soft curve, giving the string a very precise edge to get perfect intonation
as well as reducing buzzing to absolutly ZERO at that point.

Gibson bushings can vary in dimentions and this is entirely due to Gibson
discrepencies at the manufacturing stage, However the TRAPEAZE SOLUTION
has been tested on about 12 Les Pauls and even Gibson 225 and 295 with no problems
whatsoever.If anyone encounters any problems with their bushings
I'll be glad to fine tune the TRAPEAZE to fit free of charge.
Design wise ,the ball end of the strings sit nicely inside 6 individual arches
given an improved look and strong anchor point.
More importantly each bridge is 100% HAND MADE, hand drilled, hand polished
in our London workshop one at a time.
Packaged in a vintage style brown box with pink interior with TRAPEAZE SOLUTION
sticker, no corners have been cut .
The aim was to  make this the best possible replacement part for your
VALUABLE 1952/1953 GIBSON LES PAUL gold top

I hope this helps all you  GUITAR HEADS out there ... 

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