Thursday, 14 June 2012

Just when you thought it was safe to go to CRAZY PIG DESIGNS

Not contented in resting on CRAZY PIG DESIGNS past glories
I ve been busy creating brand new designs to keep
our customers on their toes.
Show here are the first two of a set of four new pieces.

First thought was to design a rabbit skull ring
Unfortunatly a real rabbitt skull is not very interesting
Who's the coolest RABBIT on the planet?
I't of course  BUGS BUNNY
Good idea ! Let's do it .....
The second idea is an idea I had for many years
In France kids are told bedtime stories ,
one of the classic characters is
The sad looking clown with a pale face
and a tear on his cheek
sometimes sitting on a crescent moon
Its a powerful image
Many people find clowns scarry
Yes , that is sometimes true but
certainly not PIERROT.
One of the hardest thing to carve in three dimention
is the human face, so it added to the challenge
I love a challenge.
The world reknown  mime MARCEL MARCEAU
based is act on PIERROT.
So here's my PIERROT LA LUNE

Shown here are two rings with a variation
of polished or satin finish face
The inside of the ring of course my ZIG ZAG trademark
signature and the words  LA LUNE

These designs are CRAZY PIG DESIGNS copyrights!

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