Monday, 16 July 2012


At Crazy Pig Designs we LOVE! special orders.
This is where the fun really begins for us.
Spending some time thinking about it ,
discussing options with the client.
putting pen to paper
and designing a truly one of a kind piece of jewellery.
In this case we tracked a beautiful set of
rough cut BLACK DIAMONDS beads
Then we carved a mini T BAR with TUDOR SCROLLS
holding a pair of TINY SKULLS.
We aslo carved three more skulls beads to match
and cast the lot in 18 carat yellow gold,
Then we figured that just plain GOLD SKULLS
would be just too easy.
So we PAVE set all the skulls with tiny white diamonds
all over the heads,
and finallwe started on the not so easy task to
assemble the whole thing,
A pretty challenging task as the BLACK DIAMONDS
beads are so tiny.
This kind of item does not come cheap, of course
but the result is well worth it.

Please note that the picture is consideably enlarged
to show detail , the bracelet is actually much smaller
and very delicate.


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