Wednesday, 31 October 2012

NEW CROSS design

Here's our new cross pendant.
Following the success of the XL TUDOR CROSS
pendant, we had many enquiries
from our customers about a similar style
cross but much smaller.
So here it is at last!
As you can see it is very intricate ,but despite
it s complexity it is  a small pendant
It measures 61mm high (including top) and 35 mm across.

It is currently available  in store only
but as we are also gradually updating
our website it will soon be added to our
ONLINE STORE along our new products.

This cross will be an ideal  CHRISTMAS GIFT for anyone
but if you are uncertain of what's the best present for your loved ones
maybe the ideal solution is our  brand new
Each one is individually numbered and you can choose
exactly how much you want to spend,
they are printed in silver foil on hard black card
and come in envellope with our Logo
and a space for the name of the recepient,

Despite  having over sixty classic SKULL RING  designs in store
I thought it would be a nice idea to create a couple of brand new SKULL RINGS
I need a few more days to complete both designs!
They will be COOOOOLLLLLL!

More NEWS very soon!

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