Wednesday, 21 November 2012


The biggest event of the year
Well , some of the crew are already in town
and already a few have popped in at CRAZY PIG central.

So who knows , who's next!

A few years ago a member of the RS crew in charge of the wardrobe
came to CRAZY PIG DESIGNS to pick up a large selection of items
for a ROLLING STONES video shoot.
She need jewellery for KEITH, MICK, RON,and CHARLIE
Yes you read right CHARLIE too!
For Charlie she thought , cufflings might be the right and subtle choice.
Anyway, MICK, KEITH and RON all selected items they liked
and actually they had written their names next to each item
that they had selected and decided to purchase for themselves.
However Charlie decided not to wear any jewellery!
No suprise there,
But we got Three out of Four Rolling Stones kitted out with
CRAZY PIG jewellery in one go.
On top of that the ROLLING STONES added CRAZY PIG  name
to the special thanks page of their tour program.
What an honour!
Here's a little annecdote....
While I was sorting out the Rolling Stones jewellery , the phone rang and a lady said,
I am working for an very important person and she wants you to bring jewellery
to her hotel suite.I had to explain I was busy with another customer  and that I simply could
not drop everything to go to her hotel
She insisted that it was for a "VERY IMPORTANT PERSON"
I apologise again , but still declined to go,
So she said quite annoyed with me.
It is for MEL B
To which I replied
Sorry but I need to sort out some jewellery for THE ROLLING STONES first!
So there goes my  oportunity to be on MEL B's tour program!


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