Friday, 8 February 2013

OZZY OSBOURNE custom made jewellery

The first song I ever played on guitar on stage and
in front of a crowd was PARANOID by BLACK SABBATH.
So I can say that Black Sabbath has been
a great part of my musical upbringing and still is to this day.
While still at school in France.
I had a band called MAD BRAIN and once we got to play a whole set
of Sabbath songa in the school church,
Yes right on ther middle of the altar!
That's me with the GIBSON SG.

Many years later I got  to meet many of OZZY's band members
and very honoured when I was aked to make some
custom made pieces of jewellery for OZZ himself!

This is the kind of pieces I love making and very few people get to see these  items.
As soon as these on off pieces  are completed
they usually are collected straight away .
Sometimes we do not even have the time to take any photos.

So here's a little compilation for your pleasure!
Yes , that's about 3/4 of a KILO of 18 carat gold
with diamonds and rubies

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