Thursday, 7 March 2013

JIMI HENDRIX ,People Hell & Angels

Check out the latest copy of Classic Rock magazine
It comes with a CD of JIMI HENDIX called
People . Hell & Angels.
One of our earliest customers that became a great friend
was MITCH MITCHELL drummer with JH Experience.
Here he is on one early visit at CRAZY PIG DESIGNS
exchanging stories with Jeannette.

At the time I told Mitch that I had purchased a double Ludwig drum kit
and he asked me if I mind him coming around to my place
to have a practice.
Did I MIND??????????
So later on that evening he was bashing away at the kit in a room next to
my kitchen while Jeannette prepared dinner.
The crazy woman that lived next door kept on banging at the front door
complaing about the noise!
I told her..............

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