Wednesday, 23 October 2013

SILVER ROSE RING , New item in stock

By public demand CRAZY PIG DESIGNS
introduce our latest design
This design had been on my list of things to do
for  quite some  time. I finally decide
it was high t time to go ahead with this
pretty cool and hopefully new CRAZY PIG DESIGNS classic.

I have a funny story related to this design.
Many years ago , another jeweller and collegue of mineat the time,
decided to prove his carving skills
and  embarked on the task of making a rose ring.
After many hours of work  he eventually finished it
and proudly showed me the result.
It was a commendable  effort but unfortunatly
his rose ring looked like a cabbage.
Not really  the desired effect.
So it became known as"The cabbage ring"

Back to 2013
I was determined that one day I would make
a ROSE RING for my store and finally, here it is.

If you are actually looking for a cabbage ring
You will have to look somewhere else.

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