Sunday, 23 February 2014


Being the beginning of the year we though we would be able
to take it a little easier but it is certainly not the case.
We have been busy with many custom pieces made to order
that will be eventually show on this blog when ready.
Other new items and one off pieces will also be available in store only
Like theses set of CLASSIC STYLE stone rings
These CLASSIC designs have been part of our CRAZY PIG DESIGNS extended range
for over 22 years . Each one is a unique piece and options are endless.
They can be made in Silver, gold or platinum or a combination of these metals.
We have a large selection of precious and semi precious stones in stock
These gems have been carefully selected by us  and accumulated over just as many years.

The dimensions and proposrtions  of these rings are totally made to your requirements.
Finally , any design and decorations can be created to make each piece a true CLASSIC RING.

Bear in mind these items will take time to make, but well worth the wait


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