Thursday, 13 March 2014

MOTORHEAD ring /Original designs from the archives

Digging through our vast archives of original designs
we discoverd three original MOTORHEAD rings
From Left to right......
Left ring: This was the very first MOTORHEAD I carved for LEMMY
back in the Eighties, Unfortunately LEMMY thought it was too bulky
So I decide to keep it for myself and carve a second version
Shown here in the Centre of the photo
It is slightly smaller but LEMMY , again thought he rather have
a much flatter version with a solid chain so he
could put his hands in his pockets.
Hence the third version shown here on the right.
The first one of these went obviously to LEMMY
Number two was made for PHILTHY and 3 & 4 for WURZEL and CAMPBELL
I have kept number 5 as well asall  the original masters for myself.

This rings show a lot of wear and tear caused by years of everyday wear

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