Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Sorry folks for the latest radio silence on this Blog
When this occurs it is usually because we are busy .
This is certainly  the case at present:
We have had a few enquiries regarding ARMAND SERRA's
two guitar  CD's recorded many years ago and that were
released  as a Limited Edition:
Both CD's are instrumental guitar tracks in the Steve Vai / Joe Satriani kind
of style, Both recorded on home studios
CD 1;
I AIN'T ASKING FOR MUCH  ( recorded on a 8 track machine)
CD 2:
RIDES AGAIN( recorded on a 16 track machine)
Customers seem to find it difficult to locate these on our website
Here is the link,

There will be more MUSIC and GUITAR news from Armand before the end of 2014.
Two very big projects well worth the wait.

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