Sunday, 2 November 2014


Recently discovered this great shot of METALLICA's CLIFF BURTON
sporting a handful of rings that Armand SERRA  designed  and created many moons ago.
This image is of specific interest because Cliff is wearing  a WOLF RING
among the other SKULL RINGS designs.

Armand recalls:
I first met Cliff as he was coming out of the record company
Music For Nations, He was wearing a LYNYRD SKYNYRD T Shrit.
and with his flared pants, he looked like one of the SKYNYRD's members.
We spoke about our common love of SKYNYRD and he asked mew if
I knew any of them personally.
I did not but I had ED KING's address ,
CLIFF said : he would love to get in touch with ED
so he scribbled his name on a piece of paper and gave it to me.
I asked: what do you play?
He said: BASS
I asked ; What's the name of your band ?
He said : METALLICA.
I had never heard that name before and I even thought that was
not a great name for a METAL BAND.
I cannot recall if it was at our first meeting for sure but he gave a
music cassette of his band demos.
The label and title were hand written..
Over the few years Cliff and I spoke every time he was in London
He loved my designs as you can clearly see on this photograph.
As for the WOLF RING:
Last time as saw CLIFF, I showed him a new SKULL RING that I
had made , He took the WOLF RING of  and handed it to me.
He loved the new ring , He asked me as a joke if I would trade
for his wolf ring that was all worn and battered.
After a few moments. I said . OK
I guess I was really lucky that day when he handed me his WOLF RING
because that was the last time I saw Cliff.
Out of the 1100 or more designs and  just has many CUSTOM ORDERS
that I made.
Cliff's Wolf Ring is my most treasured.


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