Monday, 29 December 2014


What is the mysterious ZIG ZAG inside Crazy Pig Designs jewellery?

as we have been asked so many times , here is the simple answer.
I started this ZIG ZAG signature at one of my very first jobs in France. I had to sign hundreds of invoices every day for a
company that made cloth materials for famous French
Haute -couture labels.
I drew the Zig Zag like ZORRO, in a single stroke.
When I stared designing and carving jewellery I adopted the same
logo as a signature for all my pieces.
From very early on, this has been my trademark signature.
It has became the mark that customers are looking for when then want the real thing,
it is always accompanied by the British hallmark starting with the three letters JAS.
I have kept every single first generation piece of all my designs
They all have my ZIG ZAG logo.

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