Wednesday, 4 March 2015


As always we are busy at Crazy Pig Designs ,and every single day is and important day
Customers always come first and we have simply no time to sit back and reflect,
Then some loyal fans contact us to remind us that today it is exactly 23 years since we open our store in Covent Garden.
We did not even remember...
So Yes it is our 23rd Anniversary,
and I must say time flies when you are having fun.
Today also coincides a few brand new ideas and projects that
we will slowly uncover during the next few months.
This 23rd year in business will definitely not we a boring one, that is for sure! It will be a lot of work, but that is what we love best.
In the end it is all for our dedicated Crazy Pig Designs customers
and the pleasure we have in creating new designs and launching new projects.
Thank you.

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