Thursday, 28 May 2015


Here's an update on our latest SKULL RING creation:
Some very discerning and knowledgeable customers
have contacted us to tell us that in fact our translation
of NEMO RISI MORS was incorrect: it actually meant
No ones laugh in the face of death, 
This is not what we actually wanted and we will be correcting
the latin phrase. It should read NEMO NISI MORS
Nemo nisi mors in English translates to
Nobody except death (will part us).
(Inscription in the wedding ring of the Swedish Queen Katarina Jagellonica)
We have made about 8 of the NEMO RISI MORS. however
we will be no longer making these after this very first batch:
The new and correct SKULL RING
NEMO NISI MORS will be in store within a week

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