Wednesday, 2 September 2015

NEW LIMITED EDITION WOLF RING/ Exact replica of CLIFF BURTON ( METALLICA's bass player ) Wolf fring

The last time I spoke to Cliff Burton (Metallica’s bass player) was towards the end of 1986.
Cliff and the band were in London and as usual I met up with Cliff one afternoon.
He had been wearing my wolf ring for quite some time and it started to look a little battle scarred.
Cliff spotted a new skull ring that I was wearing and asked me if he could try it on. 
Cliff took his wolf ring off and I handed it my new skull ring.
He said: “I trade you “I just laughed, Cliff again insisted “Straight swap? “ I was amused at his cheekiness but to me Cliff was no longer just a customer we had become friends. So I finally said OK and we traded rings.
Very sadly, only a few days later, I heard the terrible news. Cliff had passed.
Cliff’s wolf ring is still with me to this day, exactly in the same condition as the day he took it off his finger. It is my fondest reminder of Cliff.
Since then many Metallica’s fans have wanted to see Cliff’s wolf ring in person and with pleasure
I always obliged. Despite a lot of interest, understandingly Cliff’s wolf ring is simply “Not for sale”
However, the next best thing is now available as a strictly Limited Edition run of 50 pieces.
This Limited Edition ring is an exact replica of Cliff Burton’s wolf ring.
It was created by making a high quality mold of Cliff’s actual wolf ring.
Then cast in silver with all wear and tear left on as on the original.
We also have carefully recreated the “Road worn” finish to replicate years on the road.

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