Sunday, 22 November 2015

HAND CRAFTED JEWELLERY made in the UK..For the most famous SKULL RINGS in the world

Looking for the ultimate Christmas gift? High quality hand made Sterling silver jewellery is our specialty, From a simple plain silver band or celtic ring to the most famousand fabulous skulll rings in the world we have a huge selection of designs in store: All are original and created by jewellery designer Armand Serra.
However we also do bespoke high end jewellery.Many of Crazy Pig Designs customers have said if they won the lottery they would surely come to our store in Covent Garden for the best jewellery they have seen and dreamed about.
Well, actually you do not need to win the lottery to get one of the CUSTOM MADE gold and Platinum rings ,with diamond. rubies , emeralds etc...Unless you want all of them.
Here's a FISTFUL OF DOLLARS from our bespoke jewellery items

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