Thursday, 14 January 2016

MOTORHEAD, LEMMY a little bedtime story...

MOTORHEAD , LEMMY . a little  story. 
In the eighties I used to rehearse with my band PANAMA at JUMBO studios situated in Dollis Hill, North London . On many occasions we were booked in the same studio as MOTORHEAD straight after their rehearsal.
The studio sound system was rated at 3000 watts. We only used the PA for our lead singer and backing vocals. However every time we followed Motorhead in that room . Phil Taylor’s double 
kit was still fully miked up through the 3000 watt PA. .Yes that is correct, 3000 watts just for the drums!
Smokey and sweaty the room smelt like MOTORHEAD.
On one occasion as I was talking to Lemmy , I told him that we were due to play at the Brunel university and as we had only 10 Marshalls heads , I asked him if we could borrow from him a couple of morel heads,. Lemmy just said “take what you need”
So we did , we got two MOTORHEAD amps, labelled NO MORALS and WAR PIG as seen as these photos Of the Brunel University gig. Thank you LEMMY for the Marshalls and the memories.

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