Friday, 29 July 2016

Cliff Burton Book

CLIFF BURTON limited edition book published.
I am waiting for my the meantime her;s some information for hard core CLIFF EM ALL fans
Over the years our archives have been enriched thanks to fans sending photographs.
Here is a interesting photograph of Metallicas's Cliff Burton wearing a full set of skull rings , all designed and created by Armand Serra.
If you compare Cliff's set of rings you will notice they are virtually
the exact same set as worn by Armand at the time.
Cliif hand shows: Armand right hand:
Large Evil skull ring Lucifer Ring
Lucifer ring Large Evil skull ring
Plague ring Large Reaper ring
Small Reaper ring Small Reaper ring
Plague ring is on the other hand
The Wolf ring that is missing from Cliff's hand was given to Armand by Cliff in exchange of the Lucifer ring shown here on Cliff's middle finger.
These rings are available from our Covent Garden store and of course our our official website.

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