Friday, 2 September 2016

RAY BURTON adopts Cliff's infamous pose Feat. Crazy Pig Designs

RAY BURTON, father of Metallica’s late, great bass player CLIFF BURTON, is pictured here in a newly released photo by his family. He adopts the well-known pose of his Son wearing Crazy Pig Designs:

PLAGUE SKULL RING - A classic Crazy Pig Designs Skull ring that sits next to our infamous Large Evil Skull ring #27. As worn by Metallica's Cliff Burton, hand carved by Armand Serra in 1983. Made from the original master carving, 100% guaranteed! This skull ring features a worn effect with an opened jaw screaming full skull face.

LARGE EVIL SKULL RING - A true Crazy Pig Design classic skull ring, which has most notably been worn by James Hetfield & Cliff Burton of Metallica. This item is made from the original master hand carved by Mr Armand Serra in 1983.
Also available in a small (#471) and mini (#740) version.

As Cliff would have said: KILL EM ALL!
Armand SERRA,

Crazy Pig Designs

 Image copyright to Ray Burton, for the new publication 'Metallica: Back to the Front' by Matt Taylor, Moonrise media.


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