Tuesday, 7 September 2010


CRAZY PIG DESIGNS is pround to have been
approach by Warner Bros,to design and make  the famous skull ring worn
by BELLATRIX ( Helena Bonham Carter),in the HARRY POTTER movies
The ring had to be small enough to fit Helena index finger
So the ring was really dsigned with that in mind .
The result can be seen on the movie posters.
I had a two weeks deadline , and this was really
insufficient ltime for me to create something really special.
In any case the skull ring was made and delivered on time
for the filming.
The skull ring worn by BELLATRIX is not availble YET!
but we are currently negociating with the relevant people ...

In the meantime I ve decided to make a NEW SKULL RING
following the style , looks and size of the Bellatrix skull ring
but , having no deadline , I spent a long time
designing and making the DULCIS VITA SKULL RING

So for now
the new DVLCIS VITA ring  is available in the online store under the NEW section
Hopefully,soon ,we will also release the
TOUJOURS PURE skull ring worn by BELLATRIX
keep you eyes peeled

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  1. Any word on when this will be available for purchase? I would be absolutely delighted if it were! :D