Sunday, 12 September 2010


Nowadays most couples do not want to settle for an engagement
or a wedding from the regular high street  jeweller
or from a catalogue.
One of most satisfying t things for us is to make truly unique pieces
for these special events.
We have made many one off pieces on request
We work with the client and discuss all the details, possibilities
options and budget.
The most rewarding thing for us is that these pieces are truly
special and will be past on from generation to generation
and trasured for many years

Her's an 18 carat white gold band with tiny diamonds
set in the middle of the 4 tudor crosses around the band
For her we have made a more traditional eternity ring
to fit snuggly with  the shape of the engagement ring,
To match the cross ring we are also making a pair of crosses
Also a second eternity will also be made to fit on the other side
giving the appearance of one single ring

These special orders take time and need various consultations
to achive the best results.Think ahaed, and plan your
very special piece, we will glad to help you wih the design

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