Thursday, 13 September 2012


Well the days are getting shorter but not in working hours.

If we had not posted more blogs during the earlier part
of September is simply because we have been too busy
In brief
We have a USA TV celebrity that wants a CUSTOM MADE
ring, but cannot say much more that that at present.
Another client lost a one off wedding ring that we made 10 years ago
Of course he was gutted! but no worries
we keep records of everything and we retraced his original order
and a replacement ring will be made exactly the same as
the original one.
TV and press have shown great interest and there should
be more coverage about CRAZY PIG DESIGNS very soon.
Other important  projects are also well on target
Plus a great idea that will be revealed towards the
end of October that should please all our customers

It seems all TOP SECRET
All well worth the wait, Promised!

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