Tuesday, 4 September 2012


The great majority of my designs have a story
of how I came about designing and finalizing into jewellery.
This is the case for example of this quite simple
but classic SKULL and crossed bones ring.
I was  driving around the English country side with
a group of friends and  stopped at an small village
with a really ancient church on top of a hill.
It was surounded by an overgrown cemetery.
As I was trying to read one of the headstones
I realized I was standing over a bump.
I got a wooden stick and proceeded to clear
the soil over it and slowly revealed
a stone carving of a  skull and cross bones
at a three quarter angle.
It was simple but beautiful.
This was how this design came to life again after
being buried in the ground for many years..
So here it is an ancient stone carving turned into
another classic  CRAZY PIG DESIGNS skull ring.
I hope that the person that carved the stone in the first place
although long gone, is  happy that his design
lives on.

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