Tuesday, 22 January 2013

ABSINTHE SPOON with Skeleton and bone hand

The ritual of preparing an ABSINTHE drink is filled
with myth and legends.
In the  South of FRANCE
51 and 45 have always being part of 
the lifestyle and every day social life.
However ABSINTHE is the real original drink.

I have seen many Absinthe spoons over the years
but I always thought that one day I would design my own!
My original idea was to cut a simple outline
of a skeleton hand at the end of a spoon handle. 
However this type of project is always on a backburner as
it is done for the pleasure and the fun of it.
There's always something more urgent to do.
I eventually started working  and it  slowly evolved into this piece.
It is balanced to fit on large glasses and the back of the skeleton
ankles has various ridges to accomodate different diameters.
To prepare your ABSINTHE drink
Pour one measure of Absinthe into the glass
place on sugar cube in the middle of the skeleton hand
Very slowly pour ice cold water onto the sugar cube
when the cube has dissolved your ABSINTHE is ready.
While drinking your first glass get another one ready
ideally with a slow drip Absinthe fountain.
After a few of these you'll be an ARTIST!
So far there's only  two have  ever made but by public demand
it will soon be available in our ONLINE store

For more on ABSINTHE 
Here's a foreword from the book

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