Friday, 7 August 2015


Most of my designs are created from imagination
However sometimes the source is actually simply a real thing.
This is the case for our classic 3/4 skull ^& cross bones ring
A few years ago a group of friiends and me stumbled upon an very old church and graveyard, It was getting dark and there was no one around. Then an old man walked just behind us pushing an old wooden wheelbarrow.We asked :"What is this place?"
He replied in what sounded like very ancient English and very, very gravelly low voice,something along these lines:
"Ho! you don't want to know, really bad things happened here!"
My friends and I looked at each other , as we were all very surprised at his sudden apparition, and even more so with his strange reply.
When we turned back towards him , He was no longer there
None of us saw him walk away...Make want you want of this....
This is 100% true story,
Anyway back to the skull ring. As we were walking among the tombstones I stepped on a raised stone: It was covered in mud.
With a wooden stick I took the mud off and it was a stone carving of the skull and bones. I was compelled to recreate that design
We later found out the place was West Wycombe

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