Sunday, 23 August 2015

VINTAGE GUITAR magazine GUITAR EXP the ultimate guitar collection

USA VINTAGE GUITAR magazine this month features a full page advert for the DE LUXE box set Armand SERRA GUITAR EXP:
the ultimate collection.
The dedicated web site 
is currently taking pre orders due to ship around mid/end of October 2015.However if you cannot wait till then I can tell you that I have received a few sample copies. These are usually reserved for press, magazines, reviews etc...But they will have to wait. Real guitar fans have priority.
These super limited numbers ( less than 10) advance copies of GUITAR EXP can be purchased at the store.These are strictly limited to first come first served.
This way you can get a very early copy without having to pay for shipping and wait a few months for your own copy.
who have both hand signed each copy of the SUPER DE LUXE
box set.

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