Sunday, 31 May 2015

OLD / NEW DESIGN back in from the VAULT

After attending the ALEXANDER MC QUEEN exhibition at the
Victoria & Albert museum a couple of weeks ago...
( By the way: SIMPLY STUNNING ! Well worth a visit )
In one of the merchandising cabinets I spotted a pretty cool item, It was a bird claw earring: 
Whoa! what a coincidence! I wonder where did he get the idea?
So I figured it might be high time to resurrect this old classic.
Discontinued at least 20 years ago we decided to open
the vault and dig out the original " BIRD CLAW pendant"
We will offer various options, including a selection of semi-precious stones

 and full 3 Dimensional eye ball
available as a pendant or earring.
This item will be available from next week

Thursday, 28 May 2015


Here's an update on our latest SKULL RING creation:
Some very discerning and knowledgeable customers
have contacted us to tell us that in fact our translation
of NEMO RISI MORS was incorrect: it actually meant
No ones laugh in the face of death, 
This is not what we actually wanted and we will be correcting
the latin phrase. It should read NEMO NISI MORS
Nemo nisi mors in English translates to
Nobody except death (will part us).
(Inscription in the wedding ring of the Swedish Queen Katarina Jagellonica)
We have made about 8 of the NEMO RISI MORS. however
we will be no longer making these after this very first batch:
The new and correct SKULL RING
NEMO NISI MORS will be in store within a week

Thursday, 21 May 2015


A little while back I set up to design and make a replacement trapeze for original 1952/ 1953 Gibson Les Paul Gold tops.
I was prompted in creating a straight replacement tailpiece because I owned an early Gibson gold top and it was really difficult to play with the cumbersome trapeze bar.
Here is the link  dedicated  to "TRAPEAZE SOLUTION"
It has proven very popular by discerning guitar players.
None more discerning that ZZ TOP's BILLY GIBBONS
Shown here in action with my " TRAPEZE SOLUTION" fitted to one of his JOHN BOLIN custom made guitar.
We have only a few left  in stock and this replacement tailpiece  once SOLD OUT will no longer be available.
Photo copyright:  ZZ TOP Facebook

Tuesday, 12 May 2015


I always have a list of ideas and planned designs on my workbench,It is never one or two it is dozens.Many have been started months ago and due to custom orders and other projects these new designs seem to take ages to complete.
But eventually they see the light of day.
Here are two new items
Based on our classics, Small Evil Skull,and Momento Mori skull ring, we are introducing NEMO RISI MORS (Till death do us part)
It is a medium size skull ring and easy to wear for both men and women.
Direct link to this new skull ring:
The other new ring was created to complement our
Large wing pendant.
It is called WING OF DESTINY.
We could have used the large wing pendant and simply bent it into a ring but this is not how we work.
This item is a new 3D carving.
It was finished a few weeks ago but the master got broken and was no longer usable, So I carved it again.
This is a very comfortable ring due ti its smooth profile.
Cick here for WING OF DESTINY:

Thursday, 7 May 2015


Here is another of our latest custom made pieces.
This one off ring is made of solid white gold with black diamonds set into the eyes.
the DONEC MORS lettering is not engraved or laser cut, it is in fact deeply hand carved one l;etter at the time into the forehead of our classic Evil skull ring. This is much harder to do but is simply the only way to achieve a beautiful result.
As a bespoke made piece this item is not available in store 
or on line.