Tuesday, 29 December 2015

LEMMY of MOTORHEAD. The ace of spades!

LEMMY “I don’t want to live forever”
But we wanted him to live forever!
I have great memories of Lemmy, I was truly honored when he asked me to make him his personal Motorhead ring.
His ring of course was the first one made and therefore stamped number one. Philthy had number 2, Wurzel and Campbell got 3 and 4. I have number 5.
(shown here are three different models that I made for Lemmy and therefore these are not for sale.)

Friday, 25 December 2015

SKULL RING designer Crazy Pig Designs-London

We wish all our customers a very happy Christmas and a Great New year
And thank you for shopping at Crazy Pig Designs.
Whoa! What a year!, We are now closed until the 2nd of January2016 for a much needed break.
Some of you, lucky ones, will have received from loved ones a great piece of jewellery made by Crazy Pig Designs. And they will be grateful for it and be cherished forever.
For the others... sorry guys! Better luck next time. 
For a general overview pf Crazy Pig Designs click the following:

Tuesday, 22 December 2015


Here’s a quick glimpse at who is wearing CRAZY PIG DESIGNS jewellery
 on the RED CARPET.
Orlando Bloom in person shopping at Crazy Pig Designs
Salma Hayek wearing a turquoise selection.

Benicio Del Toro with Gorilla ring

Transformer IV with Memento Mori skull ring

Mickey Rourke in the movie SPUN wearing a selection of Eye jewellery

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Jewellery 100% HAND MADE in London -England

If you want to know more about Crazy Pig Designs and all the awesome handmade jewellery we are known for and the  large celebrity clientele  that shop at our Covent Garden store, please click the following link.


We will be open from Monday to Thursday this week,10.30 am till 6.30pm and  closing       early on Thursday the 24th at around 3 pm
   When it comes to saving the day and getting it just right, we are still your best bet !
   Anyway, just in case you are still not sure here is a close look at a few in store goodies

Keith Richards handcuffs bracelet,
Dolphins link bracelet.

Eye rings.
Spine links bracelets.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Lord of the rings - Crazy Pig Designs

Still looking for the best Christmas present and l have not found it yet?
Here are a few suggestions available from our Covent Garden store:
1/Sterling silver OSSUASRY skull ring (right) and Medium skull link bracelet (left)
2/ 18 carat Yellow Gold Tudor skull ring with rubies set in the eyes
3/ 18 carat white gold and blue Topaz Angel ring (inspired by Thierry Mugler Angel perfume)
4/ Platinum small Tudor cross, with black and white diamonds
   Please note that Items 2, 3 and 4 are “one off” pieces and only available in store.
 For a larger selection of handmade jewellery from Crazy Pig Designs, London, please visit

Tuesday, 15 December 2015


More brilliant Christmas presents ideas at CRAZY PIG DESIGNS/ LONDON
And so this is Christmas! All year round you have been looking at Crazy Pig Designs store and finally the time has come. Will you get the piece of jewellery you always wanted?
Well we really hope so. Every year we know that at Christmas many of you will be 
opening that little black box with the logo CRAZY PIG DESIGNS. 
For these lucky ones, it will be the first of many days if not years of wearing a truly perfect piece of jewellery.

A Crazy Pig Designs item is not just for Christmas it is forever.
Here are a few more ideas…..
Alternatively visit us at

Monday to Saturday 10.30 am /6.30 pm

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Skull ring designer CHRISTMAS ideas at CRAZY PIG DESIGNS

MEXICAN style skull jewellery at CRAZY PIG DESIGNS.
With over a thousand designs in store, the choice of handmade jewellery in our
Covent Garden store is endless: However here are a few suggestions:
Inspired by Mexican images and artefacts celebrating the day of the dead “EL DIA DE LOS MUERTOS”
Crazy Pig Designs has created a selection of skull rings and skull bracelets.
These might be just the perfect Christmas present for your loved ones.
Monday to Saturday 10.30 AM till 6.30 PM
Or online at www.crazypigdesigns.com
Please note that the 3rd photo showing EL MUERTO skull ring with ruby flowers and Black Diamond eyes was a custom order and therefore not for sale.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

CLASSIC SKULL RING/ LARGE EVIL SKULL designer Armand SERRA : Crazy Pig Designs

Our classic LARGE EVIL SKULL ring is probably one of the most famous skull rings ever made.
Designed and created by Armand SERRA in the eighties, it is still in production today at CRAZY PIG DESIGNS.
If you a want to buy the real thing, made from the original master carving with all the details, size and proportions of the first generation piece, as well as from the original designer you are guaranteed to get this at CRAZY PIG DESIGNS.
The original EVIL SKULL RING is available in three options;
Large Evil Skull ring

Shown here are the three models each available in a selection of sizes.
However, these items like all the items in store can be customized to create a bespoke piece. There are many options available, starting with gold or platinum as well as a wide selection of precious stones, like black or white diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires etc.
In fact, if you simply cannot wait to acquire one of these bespoke items then we have a nice selection of these in store available to buy right now. 
These pieces are not available on our online store.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

SKULL RING designer CRAZY PIG DESIGNS , hand made jewellery

Skull ring are the forte of jewellery designer Armand Serra.He has created over the years many classic skull rings as well as a whole array of awesome designs that have been seen on the fingers of many celebrities From Keith Richards. Mick Jagger,George Harisson ., Ringo Starr to Ozzy Osbourne , Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom , Harry Potter to Transformer 4 and Games of Thrones,the list goes on and on.

Shown here are a couple of trays covering many years of designer jewellery from very early designs to more recent pieces:
All of which are available at CRAZY PIG DESIGNS
All of then designed and carved by Armand Serra
Looking for the best Christmas present ? Look no further