Friday, 29 July 2016

Psycho Killer Ring Selling at USA Auction

Irish mafia boss JAMES "WHITHEY" BULGER personal Psycho killer made by CRAZY PIG DESIGNS in early 1992 is being sold at USA Auction:…/IIidUoVxNZBQIlug97…/story.html

Cliff Burton Book

CLIFF BURTON limited edition book published.
I am waiting for my the meantime her;s some information for hard core CLIFF EM ALL fans
Over the years our archives have been enriched thanks to fans sending photographs.
Here is a interesting photograph of Metallicas's Cliff Burton wearing a full set of skull rings , all designed and created by Armand Serra.
If you compare Cliff's set of rings you will notice they are virtually
the exact same set as worn by Armand at the time.
Cliif hand shows: Armand right hand:
Large Evil skull ring Lucifer Ring
Lucifer ring Large Evil skull ring
Plague ring Large Reaper ring
Small Reaper ring Small Reaper ring
Plague ring is on the other hand
The Wolf ring that is missing from Cliff's hand was given to Armand by Cliff in exchange of the Lucifer ring shown here on Cliff's middle finger.
These rings are available from our Covent Garden store and of course our our official website.

Crazy Pig Mascot Gomez Ring

Crazy Pig Mascot "Gomez" Skull Ring
Our Crazy Pig Designs mascot is nicknamed Gomez as that’s the first thing that came out when asked by a customer many years ago and has stuck ever since...this is probably due to The Addams Family which we are huge fans!
This ring design is our logo/mascot and features a full face skull with skeleton arms and legs and a top hat.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Ceremony Ring

CRAZY PIG DESIGNS introduces yet another skull ring:
We called it the “CEREMONY “ring
This elegant and feminine ring features a traditional four claw setting holding a precious stone resting on four little skulls.
It is shown on these images in Faceted Blue Topaz or Red Garnet.
The Ceremony ring is available in a selection of precious stones.
It is an ideal candidate as a starting point for a bespoke ring and can be ordered in gold or platinum with additional diamonds set in the skulls eyes or in the ring itself.
Options are simply endless.
Could this be the ideal engagement or wedding ring?
Whatever your reason it will surely be the perfect gift
and treasured forever.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Extract of CHEAP TRICK 's RICK NIELSEN interview for NUVO

Extract of CHEAP TRICK 's RICK NIELSEN interview for NUVO
Indianapolis alternative voice
NUVO: In Indianapolis, we have our own guitar-crazy collector, Jim Irsay, who has a huge amount of guitars. What other guitar collectors have collections you admire? I envision some kind of society of guitar collectors …
There's a French guy that lives in London whose name is Armand Serra. He has a book called EXP. It's a two-volume set of his collection. His collection is unbelievable. Besides having cool stuff, he has the guitar that Jimi Hendrix had, that Keith Richards had, the Rolling Stones' amps, Ginger Baker's drum set. He doesn't just have a drum set; he has the Ginger Baker drum set.

Friday, 15 July 2016

Aces Themed Jewellery

For those who love playing cards, we carry quite a few jewellery pieces with this theme.
Shown below are the Aces Cufflinks, The Ace of Spades Rings, and the 4 Aces Ring. 
 They all contain detailed images of the 4 suits of cards, and are available online and in-store.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Trademark Zig Zag Signature

Since the very beginning of designing jewellery, our designer, Armand Serra, has always signed his designs with his trademark ZIG ZAG, as shown in the photo.

So when seeking a real original piece, be sure to look for this ZIG ZAG signature.

Also, potential buyers should be weary of copies which will lack the CRAZY PIG DESIGNS hallmark, which is the three following letters 'JAS' inside an arrow shaped frame along with the trademark ZIG ZAG.

If the JAS stamp is not present, then it is not an original piece from Crazy Pig Designs. If the Zig Zag is also missing, it is further clue that this is not an original design made from the first generation mold.

Friday, 8 July 2016

Bespoke El Muerto Ring

Check out this Bespoke version of our Mexican El Muerto Skull Ring!
Featuring rubies around the eyes, which are the birthstone for the month of July.
See our website to order the standard silver version of this ring, or to find out more info about Bespoke pieces.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

New Ceremony Ring

CRAZY PIG DESIGNS introduces yet another skull ring:
We called it the “CEREMONY" ring.
This elegant and feminine ring features a traditional four claws setting holding a precious stone resting of four little skulls
It is shown here with a faceted, dark red garnet, but can be ordered in a wide selection of stones.
Could this be the ideal engagement or wedding ring?
Whatever your reason it will be surely be the perfect gift.
This item will be available on line and in store very soon.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

4th of July

Happy 4th of July to our American friends and customers!
We may not have any pieces with the American flag on it, but we do have our Large Eagle Head Ring, which is an iconic symbol selected by the founding fathers of America. 

Available online and in store.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Birthstone for July: The Ruby

It's the first day of July!
The birthstone for this month is the Ruby, which is believed to represent love, health, and wisdom.
Many of our Bespoke pieces include this precious gemstone, including the True Love Ring, shown below.
This Bespoke version is carved in gold, with rubies covering the surface of the heart.
See our website for more information about our Bespoke pieces!