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PLAYER MAGAZINE JAPAN reviews GUITAR-EXP “the ultimate collection"

Welcome to all our Japanese guitar friends and collectors.
Guitar EXP would like to thank PLAYER magazine for the great review in their latest issue.

As always Japanese fans are hard core collectors, and GUITAR EXP is currently shipping many copies of the two available Limited edition box set.
Just a quick reminder that both editions have been produced in very limited numbers:
Only 250 copies of the SUPER DE LUXE set signed by BILLY F GIBBONS and RICK NIELSEN,
And 2000 of the De luxe edition have been published.

Many copies have already sold! Don’t wait too long!

GUITAR EXP is a truly Deluxe book set, a must for all guitar lovers, fans, collectors, players and anyone into CLASSIC ROCK music from JIMI HENDRIX to the SEX PISTOLS- You will not be disappointed.

Order now online, or pop in to Crazy Pig Designs, London where they are available in store:

Visit the website for further information:

Translation of PLAYER magazine (Japan)

"THE GIBSON LES PAUL STANDARD 1958-1960", published in the end of July as a special issue of Player Magazine is a gorgeous book in B4 size with a hard cover and contains beautiful pictures of more than 80 Bursts, and is generating good interest.

However, other great guitar books still exist in the world.
"Armand Serra - GUITAR EXP - The Ultimate Collection" is a super gorgeous vintage guitar book filled with many very rare instruments never seen before.
Two books in a special slip case packaged in a robust carton box, the size for the book is 275mm x 320mm, and the total weight is approx 5kg!
Wow! It would hurt if you dropped the book on your barefoot!

Astonishingly, more than 200 super rare vintage guitars are shown in full colour pages.
Those guitars are from the private collections of Mr Armand Serra who is a world famous guitar collector in London, UK.
He compiled this book by himself as the culmination of his collection.

You will be surprised, not only by the number of guitars in the book and gorgeousness of the book but also by the importance and depth of the collection.
Multiple Les Pauls and Stratocasters from their debut year to each following year, 5 original Flying V’s from 1958, the super rare "The original" explorer is also in the collection.
In addition, guitars, basses and amplifiers used by legendary guitarists like Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richard, Jeff Beck, Jon Entwistle, Pete Townshend, and many more are crowded in the book.

Stories regarding each piece in the collection, memorabilia of concerts the author went to, like tickets, flyers, pictures, and autographs of musicians are also shown in the book.
We can truly sense the author’s love and respect to those guitar legends and rock music.

Many vintage guitar book have been published before, but this GUITAR EXP is not just a book, this is the book showing Mr Serra's passion and love to rock music and guitars all crystallized in this box set.

The author of this book, Mr Armand Serra was born in France, and went to London for the opportunity of pursuing career as a rock guitarist.
Fascinated by vintage guitars, he has been mainly collecting guitars played by famous guitarists as well as working as a professional guitarist; he also started jewellery making and design.
Today, he is very busy working as the owner and designer of Crazy Pig Designs which is world renowned Rock n Roll jeweller.

GUITAR EXP is currently not being sold at book stores in Japan, so you will need to order the book from the official internet site:

No doubt this is “THE” book well worth buying!

Order now online, or pop in to Crazy Pig Designs, London where they are available in store:

Visit the website for further information:

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